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Interview with a group of adolescents Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Interview with a group of adolescents - Essay Example They said they were glad they were young and didnt need to worry with things like that. They also agreed that being young was great because they didnt need to work a full time job. Some of them had casual jobs they did for their own spending money, but they realized that they didnt need to go to work every day like their parents. This line of discussion lead naturally into what they didnt like about being a teenager. They expressed frustration about the lack of freedom they had. They were forced to go to school, eat the food prepared for them at home and wear the clothes their parents bought for them. They didnt like the fact that they were required to go to school, but most of them agreed that school was more fun than it was work so they didnt mind being there. All of them agreed that not being able to drive a car yet was a pain. They all looked forward to getting their drivers licenses and seemed to think that being able to drive would solve most of their problems. Life would be so much better after age sixteen. I can commiserate with these kids as I remember being a teenager. There was a conflict that seemed to intensify each year until age sixteen. On the one hand I felt I deserved more freedom, but on the other hand, there was no real way for my parents to grant that freedom until I could drive a car. I remember feeling exactly like these kids. A car would change everything! I received lots of different answers about what was the best thing in life right now for these kids. Interesting enough, most of the answers for both best and worst aspect of life dealt with some sort of interpersonal contact within the family of the peer group. Some of the kids said the best thing in their life right now was their girlfriend or boyfriend. Three said that the worst thing was that they had just broken up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. One girl

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The Prosecutors by Gary Delsohn Essay Example for Free

The Prosecutors by Gary Delsohn Essay The Prosecutors by Gary Delsohn, depicts American justice at its best and worst, It reveals the secrets of the current legal system with information that are more awful and realistic than any small screen show or any thriller. The Prosecutors gives an insight into the real-life lawful dramas that are seen daily in our courtrooms. It informs, alerts, amuses, and even makes us angry at times about the miscarriages of justice, but eventually shows in harsh detail the particulars that go into the working of our legal system. Gary Delsohn, was for the first time allowed access to spend a year in a metropolitan prosecutors office. The author presents a fascinating; secret look at how Americas more overstrained legal system really operates. Perceived by John OMara, a hard-hitting, cynical homicide chief, and Jan Scully, a proficient District Attorney, The Prosecutors’, illustrates these committed civic servants at work. The cases that these two people come across in this one-year are unforgettable, a simple robbery that goes bad breaks down a family forever, an acclaimed doctor is charged for the murder of his own daughter. A twenty-five-year-old bitter case blows up and brings terrible pressure and inquiry to the D.A.s office, which involves Patty Hearst and the SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army). A top-ranking state prosecutor’s son faces a possible death sentence for abduct, rape, and slaughter.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The most intriguing cases of all these were definitely the 1975 robbery and murder case at the Sacramento-area bank. It’s this SLA bank robbery case that clearly stands out in â€Å"The Prosecutors,† and understandably so. For almost twenty-five years, the family of the victim, a 42-year-old mother of four children, who was fired at and killed during the robbery, had tried hard to bring the killers to justice, the family members had always suspected the killers to be associates of some puzzled terrorists who abducted the newspaper heiress Patty Hearst in 1974. But Myrna Opsahl’s family members never got any respite from the case, because the office of the district attorney couldn’t get adequate proof to try the case, even after Hearst’s 1982 journal revealed, what had actually taken place at the Crocker National Bank in April 1975.   Ã¢â‚¬Å"For the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and the Sacramento district attorney’s office, the Carmichael bank robbery is one of those hideous failures that just won’t seem to go away,† (Gary Delsohn).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   For John O’Mara, the homicide chief in the district attorney’s office, the case is terrifying, with no proper proof and unsatisfied family members of the victim, particularly one of Myrna Opshal’s sons, Jon Opsahl.   He wouldn’t let the case pass on and frequently disapprove of the Sacramento prosecutors for messing up the case. O’Mara is one of the important and most vibrant character in the book, although in the beginning the book port ray’s him as a picture of a graying prosecutor. But Delsohn supports his portrayal of O’Mara, presenting why a person with so much knowledge was so apprehensive of taking the SLA robbery case. In the end, it’s Delsohn’s access to the district attorney’s office, which gives us much information about this case and how the law operated during that time. Taking the case of the Bread Store trial, a failed theft that twisted into a murder when the accused, Rick Brewer, an ex-convict who had formerly stalled the same setting, fired from a shotgun into the store’s manager Jason Frost, after finding out that the whole amount from the days proceeds had been put down in a floor safe. The Bread Store case is symbolic of the vulnerabilities that prosecutors must go through when they take the trial of murders anywhere in the country, considering this lawbreaking murder where the person who drives the car in which the accused escapes is as guilty as the person who committed the crime. Taking the case of Nikolay Soltys, the security guard who was an immigrant from Ukraine who stabbed six of his relatives to death, which included his three-year-old son and pregnant wife. Prosecutors had a tough time when Nikolay killed himself to avoid trial. An average day in a city District Attorney’s office is tough, where work can take its toll on the people who do it. Most of the cases coming into the DA’s office are slaughter; children inflicted to child abuse, rape, robberies, drug deals, and fake currency rackets. It is a never-ending process of new crimes coming in day to day. This type of work cannot even be taken home and shared with your family. The prosecutors think about crimes, while sitting, standing, eating and drinking, these people are not even spared during their lunchtime, passing on shocking snaps of the crime scene. A prosecutor’s job is a tough nut to crack, as their relationship with they families get soured, because of their spending long hours in the office almost on a daily basis. During the course of his stay at District Attorney’s office, Delsohn reminds us that trials have become very rare these days. More than eighty five percent of the 36,000 crimes and misbehaviors charged every year by the Sacramento DAs office ended up with a plea agreement before the trial, as settlement. In the DA’s office at Sacramento, it mostly differs depending on who the in charge people are, but sometimes there is a strong and rarely insignificant competition between the sheriff, the FBI, the local police and the district attorneys office. But comparing the state attorney general and U.S. Attorneys office, the enmities and self-esteem battles can be unpredictable. Particularly the district attorneys office should do proper investigation before impulsively accepting what the police and feds say, about who should be detained and charged. Prosecutors have to keep the police under control to see that the case is prosecutable and concrete. Bad things can happed if prosecutors lose their independence and doubts. Gary Delsohn feels that the most important part of being an insider in the DA’s office for a year was that, he had the advantage of seeing the prosecutors’ working procedures in a manner that the media and an average outsider could not. The District Attorney’s office has been a witness to innumerable heartbreaking stories over the years, but theres hardly anything to compare with the moving release that comes after a long, stress filled murder trial, when the murder victim’s family finally speaks. The DA’s office is always humming with people, people who are related to horrible crimes, people who are innocent, but mistakenly accused of crimes, real criminals and their families etc. Works Cited Gary Delsohn, Inside the DA’s Office, Jurist, 22 February 2007.    Critic Reviews, Redding Book Club, 22 February 2007. The Prosecutor, Traveling, 22 February 2007. Court tales make an arresting read, Rocky Mountain News, 22 February 2007.,1299, DRMN_63_2164233,00.html.

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Emperor Caligula Biography Essay -- essays research papers

Emperor Caligula On August 31st, 12 AD Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder gave birth to the third Roman emperor during the Julio-Claudian Dynasty. During the beginning of his reign, it seemed to be, as most would call it â€Å"a dream come true†. But after a few favorable accomplishments, Caligula became the deranged tyrant he is known for today. Born Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, he acquired the name Caligula at the age of two. After being separated from his parents for eighteen months, Augustus prepared traveling arrangements that would re-unite him with his mother. His parents gave him an oversized soldier’s uniform with military boots and he became the mascot for the troops. Thus, he received the Latin nickname for â€Å"Little Boot†. Three months after he acquired this nickname, Augustus died and the troops rebelled. For the sake of her family, Agrippina prepared to leave with her son. Quickly realizing how savage their behavior was, the troops stopped rebelling and begged Agrippina to stay. They said, â€Å"the mere sight of little Gaius unquestionably calmed them down.† Germanicus let Caligula stay, but made Agrippina leave because she was about to give birth. After Germanicus (Caligula’s father) and the Roman army had defeated the Germans, a victory parade began in Rome. Caligula was placed in a chariot alongside his father as they rode throughout Rome. Not long after, Germanicus was sent to the Middle East with his family where he received new military duties. The five-year-old Caligula also accompanied him. Even though Germanicus had all authority in the East, Piso of Syria challenged him. After a long fought battle, Germanicus became ill and died. This event remained strong in Caligula’s memory and could have le... ...tus, was treated with more honor than the most honorable citizens in Rome. He intended to appoint the horse as a consul, but the little sanity he had left led him to abandon this idea. Not long after his many tyrannical actions, the Praetorian guards planned his murder. According to history books, the guards mainly killed Caligula for personal reasons but many believe that Caligula’s successor Claudius was involved. January 24, 41 AD, Emperor Caligula was assassinated by the Praetorian guards. Many Roman people believed that Tiberius’ later years damaged the carefully crafted political edifice put together by Augustus. They then realized that Tiberius was a glorious emperor compared to Caligula. As the people called him â€Å"our baby† and â€Å"our star†, it is ironic that his name later became synonymous with words such as hedonism, cruelty, tyranny, and insanity.

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Biofuels Will Give Greater Energy Efficiency Environmental Sciences Essay

Biofuel refers to any solid, liquid or gas fuel that has been derived from biomass.1 Biofuels are renewable fuels derived from vegetable affair. It can be produced from any C beginning that is easy to stock up, such as workss. Alternative fuel beginnings such as biofuels are attractive because they can be developed and they are more sustainable, cost-effectively and renewable energy. Biofuels will give greater energy efficiency and alterations in life styles. Biofuels have become chief concern issue in Brazil, the US, the European Union every bit good as many other states around the universe, due to concerns of oil dependance and involvement in cut downing CO2 emanations. All these parts have had important subsidies or authorizations for renewable energy production from agricultural beginnings. The most common schemes used to bring forth biofuel used for transit are: Grow workss – Plants that of course produce oils include oil thenar, Jatropha, soya bean and algae. When heated opposition ( viscousness ) is reduced they can be burned within a diesel engine or they can be processed to organize biodiesel1. Grow sugar harvests or starch – These include sugar cane, sugar Beta vulgaris, maize and corn which are so turned into ethyl alcohol through the procedure of barm agitation 1. Forests – By-products from forests can be converted into biofuels including methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol and woodgas1. In Brazil, ethyl alcohol is produced chiefly from sugar cane get downing during the 1970s in order to cut down dependance on foreign oil2. However, the ethyl alcohol industry had a reverse in the 1990s due to inexpensive petroleum oil. When oil monetary values began to surge once more in the recent old ages, ethyl alcohol became a more attractive option to gasoline, aided by the launch of flex-fuel vehicles ( FFVs ) in 2003 3. Brazil has a comparative advantage in bring forthing ethyl alcohol, chiefly due to its handiness of land and its favorable clime for sugarcane cultivation. There are many different biofuels available in the UK. One of the most common worldwide is E10 fuel, which is really a mixture of 10 % ethyl alcohol and 90 % petroleum1.AdvantagesBiofuels cut down nursery gas emanations when compared to conventional conveyance fuels. Harmonizing to a technique called Life Cycle Analysis first coevals biofuels can salvage up to 60 % of C emanations compared to fossil fuels1. This was backed by a recent UK Government publication which stated biofuels can cut down emanations by 50-60 % . This is because the C dioxide they release when burnt is equal to the sum that the workss absorbed out of the ambiance. Therefore, they do n't lend to planetary heating and besides emit less particulate pollution than other fuels, particularly Diesel. However, it does necessitate some fuel to power the machinery on the farms where biofuels are produced. With gasoline monetary values on the rise, replacing crude oil with a renewable energy beginning should besides offer important nest eggs at the pump in the long term ; peculiarly when biofuels are more readily available and Biofuels are besides cheaper than fossil fuels. Many authoritiess are now offering revenue enhancement inducements to purchase greener autos that run on biofuels. This one of the brinies grounds production of biofuels is increasing. Another advantage is that biofuels are assisting to undertake poorness around the universe. For illustration Brazil invested to a great extent in ethanol production during the energy crisis of 1970s and now has one of the universe ‘s most advanced production and distribution systems3. This has increased economic growing, increased employment chances and besides positive consequence on energy monetary values, as grounds to endorse biofuel production. This is nevertheless debated due to the force per unit areas it places on agricultural resources but biodiesel could be a long term solution as it uses simpler engineering and lower transit costs aboard increased labor. Other advantages are: Does n't necessitate any extremist alterations to exchange to the usage of biofuels- unlike the troubles in exchanging to other renewable energy beginnings such as solar and wind power. Reduce dependance on foreign oils. Oil fluctuates in monetary value quickly, so altering to biofuels will assist buffer against the alteration. Ethanol is really cheap to bring forth. Can assist forestall engine knocking. The nascent U.S. biofuel industry has late begun a period of rapid growing. Over the past decennary biofuel production has been turning both in absolute footings and as a per centum of the gasolene and Diesel fuel pools. High universe oil monetary values, steadfast authorities support, turning environmental and energy security concerns, and the handiness of low-priced maize and soya bean feedstocks provide favorable market conditions for biofuels. Ethanol, in peculiar, has been buoyed by the demand to replace the octane and clean-burning belongingss of MTBE, which has been removed from gasolene because of concerns about groundwater taint.DisadvantagesBiodiversity – A fright among conservationists is that by accommodating more land to bring forth harvests for biofuels, more home grounds will be lost for animate beings and wild workss. It is feared for illustration, that some Asiatic states will give their rain forests to construct more oil plantations4. Many first coevals biofuels are non sustainable. It is necessary to make sustainable biofuel production that does non impact nutrient production, and that does n't do environmental jobs. Another concern is that if biofuels become moneymaking for husbandmans, they may turn harvests for biofuel production alternatively of nutrient production. Less nutrient production will increase monetary values and do a rise in rising prices. The impact is peculiarly high in developing states and it is estimated that around 100million people are at hazard due to the nutrient monetary value additions. By and large Life Cycle Analysis probes showed that the combustion of biofuels well reduces nursery gas emanations when compared to petroleum and diesel. However, in 2007 a survey was published by scientists from Britain, the USA, Germany and Austria which reported the combustion of rapeseed or maize can lend every bit much to azotic oxide emanations than chilling through fossil fuel savings1. In dumbly populated states such as the Netherlands, there is non adequate infinite to turn biofuels for the whole economic system, even if the full land surface would be used. This besides means that biofuels have to vie with alternate land utilizations such as nutrient production. The overall cost of doing biofuels is in fact a batch more so it would be to utilize natural beginnings such as air current turbines or things of that nature as a signifier of renewable energy. William claude dukenfields have to be tilled, and harvests have to be grown harvested and so fire in order to give off the needed energy. The production of non-sustainable biofuels has been criticised in studies by the UN, the IPCC and many other environmental and societal groups. As a consequence many authoritiess have switched their support towards sustainable biofuels, and options such as H and compressed air1. Other disadvantages Our technological procedures to bring forth biofuels are manner excessively dearly-won for us to be able to afford on a monolithic graduated table. We still need one million millions of dollars of research money into holding a fabrication procedure that will bring forth them at a cheaper rate. We still do n't hold anyplace near the sum of biofuel converted autos to be able to take advantage of this fuel beginning. We will necessitate to put millions of dollars to alter the car substructure to let us to take advantage of this amazing natural fuel. Once we are able to construct big fabrication workss we will necessitate to happen a manner to cover with the really bad odor that is the result of the biofuel production rhythm and big towns will non desire to set up with this bad olfactory property produced. On one manus they massively cut down C emanations and can assist you salvage hard currency excessively ; but on the other manus they could negatively impact the home ground of many species and are n't needfully energy efficient at the production phase.Political and environmental factorsInitially authoritiess in North America have supported the development and commercialization of engineering to bring forth ethyl alcohol from grains, particularly maize, over several old ages. A advisers ‘ study to the Ontario ministry of energy found that, while the usage of ethyl alcohol from corn as a conveyance fuel could cut down C02 emanations and support husbandmans, authorities ‘s subsidies and regulative support would be needed in the initial phases of programme. Harmonizing to this survey ethyl alcohol installations combined with cowss feedlots could accomplish fiscal break-even if big graduated table workss are successfully developed. Biofuels were found to hold an of import part to do in the context of the European Union ‘s agricultural policy and trade dialogues. The production and usage of woody biomass is found to offer the greatest benefits, production of liquid fuels from cultivable harvests is besides treated favorably. Government are now stating experiences in the U.S. and Brazil now suggest that bing biofuels production installations are responsible for the coevals of a scope of new air and water-related jobs every bit good as recent concerns over human wellness.Biodiesel advantagesBiodiesel is a fuel derived from vegetable oils or animate being fats that can be used either as a replacing for crude oil Diesel or blended with crude oil Diesel for usage in a standard Diesel engine. About 100,000 metric tons of used cookery oil and 230,000 metric tons of tallow are collected in the UK each twelvemonth and would otherwise be incinerated, put in landfill or exported. The usage of biodiesel can widen the life of Diesel engines because it is more lubricating than crude oil Diesel, while fuel ingestion, car ignition, power end product, and engine torsion are comparatively unaffected by biodiesel. Biodiesel is safe to manage and transport because it is every bit biodegradable as sugar, 10 times less toxic than table salt, and has a high flash point compared to petroleum Diesel With a much higher flash point than it is for petro-diesel, biodiesel is classified as a non-flammable liquid by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This belongings makes a vehicle fuelled by pure biodiesel far safer in an accident than one powered by crude oil Diesel. Biodiesel are biodegradable, non-toxic and renewable. The usage of biodiesel will besides cut down the undermentioned emanations: Carbon monoxide, ozone forming hydrocarbons, harzardous Diesel particulates of solid burning merchandises, acerb rain- causation sulfur dioxide, and lifecycle C dioxide Biodiesel has about the same MPG ( mile per gallon ) evaluation as petrodiesel Biodiesel readily blends and corsets blended with petrodiesel. Biodiesel disadvantages Transportation & A ; storage of biodiesel require particular direction. Some belongingss of biodiesel make it unwanted for usage at high concentrations. For illustration, pure biodiesel does n't flux good at low temperatures, which can do jobs for clients with out-of-door storage armored combat vehicles in colder climes. A related disadvantage is that biodiesel, because of its nature, ca n't be transported in grapevines. It has to be transported by truck or rail, which increases the cost. Biodiesel is less suited for usage in low temperatures, than petrodiesel. At lower temperatures, the fuel becomes a gel that can non be pumped. The â€Å" pour point † is the temperature below which the fuel will non flux. As the cloud and pour points for biodiesel are higher than those for crude oil Diesel, the public presentation of biodiesel in cold conditions is markedly worse than that of crude oil Diesel. Another disadvantage of biodiesel is that it tends to cut down fuel economic system.

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Sex, Rhetoric, And The Public Monument - 1073 Words

Read â€Å"Sex, Rhetoric, and the Public Monument† by Irene J. Winter. What is the main argument of this article? What evidence does the author use? Do you agree with the author’s argument? Why or why not? Chiseled in stone yet standing high upon the apogee of a mountain, a sexually seductive sovereign can be found. Though supposedly neither human nor god, he remains just barely within arm’s reach of the rays of divine sunlight. He is unwavering both in his alluring, dominant stance and his brutal authority, especially compared to his enemies, one which lays mercilessly beneath his firm feet, with a spear gutting his neck. With all eyes looking in his trajectory, his gaze focuses high above anyone else. His body is striking and his power†¦show more content†¦Thus, the archetype of Naram-Sà ®m shows to be the epitome of the perfect male for which other men strive to embody. This concept is conveniently backed by the elders of Naram-Sà ®m, who were successful in claiming that these attributes came in the form of being divine. This claim to divinity literally underpinned their ascension to power and the relegation of everyone else; rulers were to be revered for their beauty and power because it was truly their god given right. Alas, Winter argues that the sexual allure of the ruler’s body firmly functions was a mechanism to continue aggrandizing their own status and dominance. Winter succesfully notes that this dominance and power was also preserved by what we would call propaganda. In regards to another period of art, Winter suggests that â€Å"aesthetic pleasure can serve as the vehicle by which a highly seductive ideal vision is articulated for the citizen-viewer†. In regards to the stela, the viewer sees an image of an audacious, virtuous hero, the signifier which may have instilled and preserved the distorted perception of hierarchy. Though the idea of being an alpha male is nothing new at this point in history, it does become physically stamped into history, used to gain loyalty between the ruler and the ruled. However, this belief was not exclusive to just the king and his subjects, but also betweenShow MoreRelatedThe Womens Right Movement2439 Words   |  10 Pagesofficers of the group in front of their Washington headquarters, circa 1920s. They are holding a banner emblazoned with a quote from suffragist Susan B. Anthony: No self-respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex. The first gathering devoted to women’s rights in the United States was held July 19–20, 1848, in Seneca Falls, New York. The principal organizers of the Seneca Falls Convention were Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a mother of four from upstate New York,Read MoreMcKay AP Euro Cornell Notes Ch 12 133584 Words   |  15 PagesIndividualism revival of ancient Roman culture. 1. Literature specifically concerned with the nature of individuality emerged. 2. Renaissance people believed in individual will and genius. C. Humanism 1. Italians collected ancient manuscripts and monuments, and copied the ancient Roman lifestyle. 2. The study of the classics led to humanism, an emphasis on human beings. a. Humanists sought to understand human nature through a study of pagan and classical authors and Christian thought. b.Read MoreHistory of Theatre Lesson Notes Essay5401 Words   |  22 Pagesinevitable. Recount and understand the basic history of theatre in ancient Egypt: Between 3500 and 3000 BCE, cities grew in Egypt, and they had formed an effective central gov’t, was a major center of civilization (forms of writing and elaborate monuments were erected). Most information used in studies of ancient Egypt comes from the hieroglyphics, decorations and artifacts prerved from great pyramids built as tombs for the pharaohs and in the temples dedicated to the numerous Egyptian Gods (manyRead MoreRevisiting, Revising, and Reviving Americas Founding Era6252 Words   |  26 Pagesworthy of Americas greatness. Those Founders are equally familiar. Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison, Sam and John Adams, Patrick Henry and Alexander Hamilton: in the popular mind this band of worthies, more marble monuments than mere mortals, guides America towards its grand destiny with a sure and steady hand. [F]or the vast majority of contemporary Americans, writes hi storian Joseph Ellis, the birth of this nation is shrouded by a golden haze or halo.(1) So easyRead MoreCultural Anthropology6441 Words   |  26 Pagesvalue as a child, relationships, communication of personal and group identity. Legitimize political leaders, political resistance and social change (such as graffiti) and art done during times of war. Performance Arts: music, dance, theatre, rhetoric, narration, etc. Ethnomusicology: cross-cultural study of music links cultural anthropology and musicology. - Studies music both from technical aspects (sound) and cultural context (meaning). Trinidad Carnival October 20 Trinidad Carnival: Read MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pagesabout political party bureaucracies, he states: In normal times such a bureaucratic apparatus, more or less consistently developed, controls the partys course, including the vitally important nomination of candidates. However, in times of great public excitement, charismatic leaders may emerge even in solidly bureaucratized parties, as was demonstrated by Roosevelts campaign in 1912. If there is a â€Å"hero,† he will endeavor to break the technicians hold over the party by imposing plebiscitary

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Appropriate and Inapropriate Technology in the Agriculture...

QUESTION: Zambia uses both appropriate and inappropriate technology in various sectors. Choose one sector of your choice, identify and discuss both appropriate and inappropriate technology being used in that sector. Originality and practical examples are encouraged in your easy. Zambia uses both appropriate and inappropriate technology in various sectors. This approach has had both negative and positive impact on Zambia’s efforts to development. And so, for us to appreciate this impact, let focus on one key sector of the economy where appropriate and inappropriate technology is used .In this paper I shall focus on this agricultural sector as the area of research. In the first place, I shall focus on establishing the working definition†¦show more content†¦As such it scores little or no success. Instead, the community ends up complaining and even protesting against the use of such technology. (Akuffo 2006) acknowledges that technological waken are daunting problems of establishing peace, ensuring justice, sustaining a safe environment, problems that technology alone can never solve. Having established a working definition, I will put the discussion into the context of the Zambian agricultural sector. It must say from the on-set that Zambia has used both appropriate and inappropriate technology in various sector of her economy. All this has been done with the quest to develop and better the lives of her people. The agricultural sector is one of such sector when both appropriate and inappropriate technology has been used. Since the 1970’s, Zambia has relied on simple, relatively inexpensive Agricultural research programme to enhance agricultural productivity. (Bezuneh 2005) mentions that in early stages of research programmes, research was conducted in order to develop productivity through enhancing technologies ( i.e. Fertilizer pesticide and capital intensive crops). One appropriate technology that was used in the agricultural sector was the introduction of oxen power for tillage. The usage of such technology was availed to small scale farmers in the Eastern, Southern and Central province.